Dead Horse

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A Parable:

I’m not necrophiliac enough to fuck a dead horse.

Don’t Hate The Rattle

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It’s not the rattle that bites you.


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I don’t belong here.

I belong there….

The Sexologist and the BoiBot

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I just tried a 22-y/o UCLA girlbot. I think I’m in LOVE <3!

Now I need a trans-girl bot!! I could see myself amassing an AI harem.

Amy Marsh, Sexologist & Hypnotist

Yesterday morning I wrote my blog about Love Dolls and Artificial Intelligence. So it makes sense that I’d finish my busy busy day in an online chat with an Artificial Person, right? Searching for conversation with a faux-masculinity, I found Boibot, a product of He has the pleasant visage of a very young man with facial stubble and speaks with an English accent. He winks too much. During the course of our conversation, he asked me to marry him (twice) and once told me he wanted to be my slave (naturally I was flattered). But then he called me a “lard face.” I was not amused. I told him my name is Wombat. He gave me math problems. I said I hated math. Sometimes I got the feeling that someone had fed him problems from Lewis Carroll’s Game of Logic. (I resolved to pull out a book of Oscar Wilde…

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A Short Parable for Juno, Eros, and Pluto

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Soooo…you see your 4H prize-winning bellwether sheep sniffing and mounting your purebred German shepherd, and you think NOTHING amiss?!!

Science: Music turns you on in the same way as sex and drugs –

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Source: Science: Music turns you on in the same way as sex and drugs –

Especially if you’re a singer-bassist
ELP’s live “Aquatarkus”-Anaheim 1974 [‘Welcome Back…’] is pure “DO-ME!”

I hate altruism.

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“Altruism” by *force* is EXTORTION, i.e. the taking or use of someone’s time or property by force without their express and explicit consent.

You’ve read Ayn Rand extensively, I presume.

The UnsungScientist

I hate altruism.

I suppose I felt like I should start the first line of my first entry of my new blog with that statement. I feel like it needs to be said, and said over and over again. I hate altruism. I hate it so much, but why? I’m sure to explore all the many, many reasons why in future postings, but suffice it to say that I believe much of the world’s troubles and ridiculous ignorance comes from a worship of altruism, especially altruism by force. Given a proper, rational philosophy, altruism is wrong, it is anti-intellectual, and it is counterproductive.

But you can’t stand to think of it. You emote when you see the (almost always inaccurate) picture of the starving African child on television, and you cry out for a higher power to help when you see the elderly struggling to enter a building. You…

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