Je Te Liebe

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Love  is learning to speak someone else’s language.


Jim Morrison: What’s Your Personal Revolution? – mindbodygreen

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The JIM-BO Rules!

The Fundamental Moral-Existential Crisis Of Our Present Era

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EVERYONE wants to stalk underage twinks on the Italian Riviera, but no-body wants cholera.

I think y’ALL know what I’m taw’kin ’bout.

Carmina Burana (Orff) – Wikipedia

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Composed in 1935-36, and therefore…Uranus In Taurus!

Uranus In Taurus For The Last Quarter Millennium

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1439: Johannes Gutenberg invents and uses first moveable type. He really makes his capital printing Holy Indulgences; The Bible ruined him.

1518 [Uranus TAU; Saturn/Pluto CAP as now]: MARTIN LUTHER protests Indulgences (printed by Gutenberg), but his 95 Theses are also printed/published. THAT’S what got him in a heap-‘a trouble.

1600-1607: Jamestown Colony and Pocahontas; Johannes Kepler; Miguel de Cervantes publishes (there’s that word again!) Don Quixote, the first modern novel.

1684-1691: Birth of J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel (both Chinese OXen b. 1685…you’ll see that TAU Uranus favours us); Bartholomew Stovall comes to the Carolina Colony. His descendants start  a plantation in Mississippi whereupon is born McKinley Morganfield, more familiar as Muddy Waters. The Carolina branch of the Stovalls go on to produce the world’s sexiest unsigned Glam God RockStar ;D

1769-1775: Komm zhe Glo-ree-us Amur-r-r-ri-k-k-kan R-r-r-r-rev-o-lu-u-u-ution, Kom-rades, you veel EAT peaches and caviar and you veel LIKE peaches and caviar!

1851-1858: Dred Scott, John Brown, Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom’s Cabin), Abraham Lincoln

1934-1941: WALLIS SIMPSON…say-na-more-say-na-more-noodge-noodge-wink-wink; Enrico Fermi’s atomic pile at Chicago and Einstein’s warning to Roosevelt; Robert Johnson recording; Charlie Christian joins the Benny Goodman Sextet; Jimmy Blanton; Les Paul; Frank Sinatra buys his own mic/PA.

Oh…and WWII

Remember what I said about OX-es  and TAU Uranus?


2018 [Saturn/Pluto in CAP again] MEGHAN MARKLE-WINDSOR! Guess I’ll be moving into Abbey Road Studio One with my Danish princess any day now.

Interview With Nicole Atkins

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Check out @CharlieDonovan’s Tweet:

Cornelius Agrippa: Astrology

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So requisite is the use of Astrology to the Arts of Divination, as it were the Key that opens the door of all their Mysteries.

HEINRICH CORNELIUS AGRIPPA, The Vanity of Arts and Sciences

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