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Round-trip is a waste of my time.



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Bio-logue: I was born in Camelot-DC the month “Sir Brenda” [Jagger] met KEEF [Richards] and Brian MET The Beatles. I was there in Aug 1963 when Mahalia Jackson (a big influence from my Mom’s Zenith console) shouted “Tell us your dream, Martin!” We travelled through VA to NC to visit grandparents during the Loving-vs-Virginia days (50th Anniversary y’allz)

My family moved to NC a month before The Partridge Family became my High Church (a-a-a-a-nd the Wrecking Crew! But they go back to my DC days). A year later NC schools integrated I met the “Maggie” Stewart the month Rod Stewart nailed his best US #1. For you PBS-heads, “Maggie” actually went by ‘Sam’ [Sarah Margaret in full] like PI Foyle’s main gal. I met Sam because–being a New Frontier baby whose favorite movie is [STILL] 2001: A Space Odyssey–I got placed in advanced Special Science; OH, the psychobiology! We actually did trade “Daisy’s” one day in ’73 (the “dream” incarnate) She showed me the way to be the consummate sultry 2XSkorpion that I am, and introduced me to ELP, Led Zeppelin, and that bastion of rock-n sexology, Circus.

When you think about it, rock-n-roll is the bop-a-loo-bop-tutti-frutti jam-mix of black and white extended from the most advanced swing-bop-and-jump bands, with that country twang that led to Western Swing…”dig you jaw-ja pea-ches!”

And miscegenation is the only biologically forensic fetish/kink that can directly affect the lives of progeny and future generations. There’s only circumstantial and anecdotal evidence for wicked witchcraft, but I keep my big-ten-inch voo-doo-MO-JO grindin’ hard.

The Clear-Pill Pareto Power Law [Ancient Thelemic Secret]

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Nice Guys don’t get laid.

They just get screwed.

“Ich Kann Nicht Anders; Gott Helfe Mir!” -Martin Luther

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The Ancient Babylonian Secret Of Life, Happiness, and Architecture

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Great acoustics, clean and comfortable dressing rooms/bathrooms.

EVERYTHING else is after-dinner mints.

Millennials favorite brands – Business Insider

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Millennials’ favorite brands according to spending data from more than 15,000 18 to 35-year-olds demographic.

Source: Millennials favorite brands – Business Insider


#BarnesAndNoble/#BNCollegeBookstores is number 80. That’s because they pay their (and MY!) rent!  I have a warm Sally Field@The Oscars feeling right now 🙂

If Genesis Had Hired Paul McCartney To Replace Peter Gabriel…

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“Rob-ber-y, as-sault-and-bat-ter-y

Live to-geth-er in per-fect har-mo-ny

Side-by-side on my piano key-board

Oh, Lord, why can’t we-e-e-e-e?!”


Then Phil and Paul could do the soulful vocalise at the end:

[Phil] “ROB-BER-EE…”

[Paul] “…as-sault-and-bat-ter-y”


[Paul] “…as-sault-and-bat-ter-y”

to fade

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