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Transgender Opera Singers Find Their Voices

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There IS A Heaven On This Earth@

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Netflix at Shepperton


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You look like the enemy, you won’t fuck up my energy
I pull up on a nigga with the infantry
Bitch named Emily, she said she really into me
And this bitch won’t stop saying literally
Call your friend Tiffany with tattoo of infinity
And ask her if she wanna have a trilogy
Doing the agility, I’m coming for virginity
I fuck ’em to the best of my ability

I love white bitches
I love white bitches
I love white bitches
I love white…

[Verse 2]
Bitches in the crop top, cruising in the drop top
That ceiling only go up when we hot box, eh
Hotter than that hot sauce, balling like a hot shot
And that nigga sicker than a small pox, yeah
Balling at the ball park, I’m balling like an all-star
I’m ghetto bitch I’m picking up at Wal-Mart
[?], I’m flexing like a mall-cop
Young nigga feel like he Paul Blart
She jump on a pie like she Mario
I got bitches doing cardio
I got bitches with no passport
I got bitches in Ontario
Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’5
See the dick and nose dive
Wine glass, fine ass, head of class
And sucking dick the whole time
Flying kites, yoga tights, Bud Light, Betty White, co-sign
Ski lift, Taylor Swift, mozzie bitch, white girl, roll mine

First Transgender POTUS

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Pamela Rocker For President

Tales of Rock: Yesterday misunderstands what made the Beatles so popular -Part 2

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Societal norms and attitudes also factor in. R.D. Burman was one of the most important composers of Bollywood pop, and began his career in the 1960s, around the same time as the Beatles. But due to factors including Bollywood’s Indian origins, widespread racism in the West, and language barriers, Bollywood soundtracks didn’t have access to massive Western markets the way that white, British musicians like the Beatles did. That left Burman relegated to a niche outside Southeast Asia, preventing him from breaking into the international music market despite his local popularity.

Western racial inequalities also stymied many homegrown artists. Influential African American singers and girl groups like the Shirelles didn’t have much opportunity to turn their Billboard hits into widespread celebrity and lasting cultural recognition. Paul McCartney and John Lennon are household names, but there aren’t many casual music fans who know the name of the Shirelles’ lead singer, Shirley…

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Tales of Rock: Yesterday misunderstands what made the Beatles so popular -Part 1

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The film Yesterday has an intriguing premise: What if the Beatles never existed? Unsuccessful, moderately talented singer-songwriter Jack Malik wakes up one day and is the only one who remembers the Beatles’ songs. Suddenly he can pose as the creator of the greatest music ever written. As a result, he quickly becomes a world-renowned superstar.

The movie itself is a cheerfully silly rom-com; screenwriter Richard Curtis and director Danny Boyle don’t have much interest in exploring the music industry or the ins and outs of the creative process. Nonetheless, Yesterdayraises bigger questions about how artistic quality affects artistic careers, ones that may last with us after the credits roll.

Jack is successful because the Beatles’ songs, removed from their original context, still maintain the universal, instant appeal that has canonized them in our non-fictional world, offscreen. Label execs, other musicians, and huge numbers of fans are all won over…

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Trans Mentality: One Woman’s Story from the Inside

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This is a harrowing horror story in real life worthy of Black Mirror or American Horror Story.

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