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The Ancient Babylonian Secret Of Life, Happiness, and Architecture

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Great acoustics, clean and comfortable dressing rooms/bathrooms.

EVERYTHING else is after-dinner mints.


Millennials favorite brands – Business Insider

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Millennials’ favorite brands according to spending data from more than 15,000 18 to 35-year-olds demographic.

Source: Millennials favorite brands – Business Insider


#BarnesAndNoble/#BNCollegeBookstores is number 80. That’s because they pay their (and MY!) rent!  I have a warm Sally Field@The Oscars feeling right now 🙂

If Genesis Had Hired Paul McCartney To Replace Peter Gabriel…

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“Rob-ber-y, as-sault-and-bat-ter-y

Live to-geth-er in per-fect har-mo-ny

Side-by-side on my piano key-board

Oh, Lord, why can’t we-e-e-e-e?!”


Then Phil and Paul could do the soulful vocalise at the end:

[Phil] “ROB-BER-EE…”

[Paul] “…as-sault-and-bat-ter-y”


[Paul] “…as-sault-and-bat-ter-y”

to fade

Thelemic Codes and Essential Dignities

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Those of you who have read the writings of Aleister Crowley, Muriel Hasbrouck, and Raven Kaldera on the correspondences between tarot and planetary essential dignities will appreciate this concept I’ve developed.

In Thelemic Astrology a planet’s accidental dignity by house placement is virtually the same as its essential–or “face”–dignity by sign. For example, natal Jupiter in Gemini–“Shortened Force”, or “Interference”–is fundamentally similar to natal Jupiter in the 3rd house.

The second part of this theory, leading logically from the first, is that the characteristics of the “signs” so familiar in pop astrology are derived from the houses to which they correspond. Thus, for example, the descriptive characteristics of ‘Cancer’ are derived from the meanings and implications of the IVth house.

This Friday, Stand With Bandcamp in Support of Trans Rights

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