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It Was 50 Years Ago (Almost) Today

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MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL (especially Jimi Hendrix and The Who)


7 Reasons You’re Not Free To Leave

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Suicide is ultimately painless (for the one who commits it).

Libertarian Money

800px-Liberty-statue-from-belowIf you’ve talked about the decline in American freedoms with anyone then you’ve probably heard the old phrase: “If you don’t like it you can leave it!”

Now, a response like this really doesn’t deserve any response. It’s a knee jerk reaction with absolutely no connection to the declining freedoms in America. You’re saying that you take issue with the way the country is being run. They might as well be saying too bad. Of course, everyone blind enough to respond this way has their own desires for their country. You’re just not rude enough to give them the same snide remark in return.

But… life can get awfully boring at times. I understand. If you ever get in a debate with one of these men or women, here are 7 reasons you’re not actually free to leave America.

1. You’re Still Extorted If You Leave

A small country in…

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