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“Gone To Sleep…”

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“They lie in flowered graves.”

-Emerson, Lake, Palmer, Sinfield



Venus, Neptune and Nebulous Relationships: “We’re Just Kickin’ It”

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Neptune-ASC-Venus-Mercury (chart dispositor)…all in Scorpio };)


For those of you who have seen Theodore Witcher’s 1997 film “Love Jones”, starring Nia Long, Larenz Tate, Isaiah Washington and Bill Bellamy,you’re probably no stranger to the scene above.

However, you may have never read an article that assigns and Astrological correlation to that particular dynamic.  When I think back to that scene, the first phrase that comes to mind is : NEBULOUS RELATIONSHIPS.

Astrologically, the planetary combination which would most suggest this type of energy would be Venus and Neptune.

Venus suggests relating with another person. It’s about human connection, sharing and interaction. In addition, Venus is connected to what we find pleasing, attractive and beautiful. What we VALUE.

Along with Mars and other planets, Venus is a part of the ” cosmic sexual network”, suggesting sensuality and the pleasures of the body.

‘Nebulous’ is a great word for Neptune, as it means: unclear, vague, or not easily…

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