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Why Get A Transgender Girlfriend

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HEY…I’m here. In Atlanta!

Transgender Magazine

One popular quote says – “What prevents people from becoming autonomous, fulfilled, and ultimately happy is their refusal to open themselves to experiences that are new and unfamiliar.”

transgender women

The modern cis dating market is almost a Mad-Max Thunder Dome dystopia. Anyone who has been in the cis dating market for some time finds to his dismay that cis-women in the modern dating market have more issues than Time magazine. It is a ruthless winner-takes-all-situation. Cis-women are hyper judgmental beings, and men have been reduced to being circus performers who have to constantly entertain the cis-women non-stop or face rejection.

Modern women have a plethora of issues which make them caustic; it can even be argued that modern cis-women would not get any male attention if the almighty love hormones were not at play. Add to that the vast majority of cis-women do not act feminine, care little about their appearance, and…

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OH-HO Calyp-soh Sex

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Oh-oh-ho-oh calyp-so sex

‘De ca-lyp-so sex

‘De wo-man hy-per-ga-mate

‘De man po-ly-ga-mate


Moody Blues Cover Story for Justin Hayward’s 70th – Coverville | The Cover Music Podcast

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I want to do live music performance podcasts like my own ‘Prairie Home Companion’ (with maybe a little divo-peratic ‘Wayne’s World’ in the mix). I. had. NO. I-dea…about THIS! This opens up a whole new vista. Like when ELP released ‘Works, Vol. I’. I’m Moonwatcher who has just seen the Monolith and heard the A♭.

Does anyone near Tucker/Doraville have a home project studio? Midtown ATL is also a possibility.

Source: Moody Blues Cover Story for Justin Hayward’s 70th – Coverville | The Cover Music Podcast


Prize Riffs

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Richie Blackmore wrote the Geneva National Anthem, and even HE doesn’t get a Nobel Prize for Songwriting!

Auto ALPHA-APE, or “Call Me Back Again”

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In his new book Pre-Suasion [] marketing psychologist Robert Cialdini proves SCIENTIFICALLY that chicks prefer musicians.

Truly I has done outdid myse’f

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“I spent twenty years a-workin’

To purify my soul

Just to sell it to the devil

To sing his Rock-N-Roll


So-o-o-old my sou-oul


-lyrics by Vallin SFAS



I was washing dishes when Orpheus and a couple of Muses stopped by for a chat.

It’s a work in progress.

They can do no wrong

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Yeah, our cat was like that sometimes. We called her Reagan. As in McNeil.


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Source: They can do no wrong

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