A short rant on why I hate Humanist Psychology- to the Humanists out there

And I was a Psych major, so…YEAH!

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You are about as scientific as banging your head against a cheese grater

Last time I read an article concerned with Humanism it was literally just a bubbling, excited Da Vinci Codin’, Tin Hat wearin’, George Lucas praisin’-like passage about how Maslow, before the fella died, was coming up with a new layer of his pyramid of needs- Self Actualisation. Because he didn’t put a book out on it, it’s not very popular. If the merits of your lord and master are simply whether he published an idea or not, as opposed to you know, scrutiny and peer-review, then you got something to worry about. Self Actualisation? What is this, the Buddha speaking here? What’s the deal with the pyramid thing anyway? In fact…

What is the deal with the pyramid of needs anyway?

You know what other things have pyramids? The Ancient Egyptians (dead) and Amway.

You hijacked the…

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