Five Reasons You Must Sing | VoiceCouncil Magazine

I know I love to sing better than to dance, and I THINK I love singing better than sex. I also play the sexiest instrument in the world, the bass guitar, as my accompaniment. So there you are…MAXIMUM SEX-AND-ROCK-AND-ROLL!

Dr. Daniel K. Robinson explains why ‘growing up’ and ‘getting real’ actually mean that we must sing. I’m often asked, “When did you start singing?” Truthfully, I can’t remember. My parents tell me that I had a melody on my lips before I could even talk. Funnily enough that same melody was the one that earned me many detentions in school. It wasn’t a rude song and I wasn’t a bad kid… I just didn’t stop singing… even in class. This is not unusual, especially for those of you reading this article. Many singers tell of the feeling of freedom and sheer abandonment when they opened their mouths to allow the expression of their souls to emanate from deep within. Why is it then that these feelings of sovereign liberty can be lost as we ‘grow up and get real jobs’? Those of us who are fortunate enough to earn an income from singing can even have that original joy buried even deeper, submerged under the pressures of performance or the mundane nature of the gig. It’s for these reasons, and

Source: Five Reasons You Must Sing | VoiceCouncil Magazine


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