5 Surprising Health Benefits of Semen Retention!

Because brain/neuro stuff is also ‘sperma-tootz’ stuff, men HAVE to think with their balls. “Giv’n by the mighty hand of Gawd”

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Tantra for Men Jacques DrouinThere is quite a lot of controversy these days regarding the benefits of frequent ejaculation vs.semen retention.

A recent study suggests that frequent ejaculation may prevent men from developing prostate cancer, though there does seem to be some question regarding the validity of the results, as men in their forties and fifties were asked to recall ejaculation frequency during their twenties.

Some researchers doubt the accuracy of the mens’ reports, given the significant length of time that had passed between their actual sexual activity, and the questionnaire.

The study also fails to take into account major contributing health factors such as diet, exercises, weight, alcohol & drug habits. Keep in mind as well, that this is the same western medical society that does not acknowledge the existence of the female g-spot.

(Having myself supported many women in the successful reawakening of their g-spot, I tend to take sexual “studies”…

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