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The Top 10 Most Overrated “Geniuses”

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They smart; I smarter.


Here is my top 10 list of the most overrated geniuses. The rankings are based upon how overrated the “geniuses” starting from the lesser overrated geniuses ending with the most overrated genius.

#10 – Bill Gates

I don’t know why anyone would consider Bill Gates to be a genius, it’s a mystery to me.

I’m not sure if Bill Gates belongs on this list since I don’t consider him to be a genius of any kind. Since some atheists keep saying that “Bill Gates invented the computer” or something foolish like that I decided to put him on this list.

Bill Gates never invented the computer, the keyboard, the mouse, the GUI desktop concept, or anything like that. Yet for some reason many people really believe that he did.

The actual pioneers of the computer were people like Charles BabbageAlan Turing, and John von Neumann.


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Breeding Between the Lines: Why Interracial People Are Healthier and More Attractive by Alon Ziv

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Source: Breeding Between the Lines: Why Interracial People Are Healthier and More Attractive by Alon Ziv

And you KNOW that I’m NO-NO-NO-TOR-I-OUS!

Thailand’s Kathoey

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Oh…the photos! Oh my GAWD!

The TransAlly Blog

kathoey1In a previous blog post, I discussed some of the history of LGBTQ people in the Native American culture – but this is far from the only culture to have historically had a place for transgender people. In Thailand, transgender women (as well as feminine gay men) are referred to as kathoey. Rather than being seen as a subset of a gender binary, the kathoey are often perceived as belonging to a third gender. Others, however, simply view transgender women and females. Gender in Thai culture is far less concrete and, in many ways, more self-defining – instead of being based solely on physical characteristics as it is in many Western countries.

It is guessed that Thailand likely has one of the largest transgender populations in the world. The combination of acceptance, and a more fluid view of gender identity, had made it an appealing option for those looking to…

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