Libertarians Don’t Get Out Much: The Problem with Libertarians

The biggest problem with us Libertarians is that we spend so much time alone in our gulch fine-tuning our static electricity generators. Or blowing up housing for the poor.

Libertarian Money

Image Making Libertarianism Attractive

There are a lot of people that don’t like libertarians. While Republicans and Democrats continue to throw turds on each other claiming it’s their political opinions, the libertarians are looking in with a disgusted look on their face. The republicans and democrats occasionally decide that it’s politically expedient to say a positive thing about the libertarians. That is, of course, when the libertarians are supporting an issue they support as well.

Yes, democrats love libertarians when we’re talking about marijuana but is the second the conversation goes to taxing rich people more they look at libertarians with contempt. Republicans are currently stroking the libertarian like it’s their pet kitten because they want gun rights but we all know how they really feel about libertarians.

Libertarians will often try to convert those around them. They know that their message is pretty clear. Freedom is good. People do good…

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