Summoning of Asmoday / Asmodeus

“Rock-Rock-Me, Asmodeus, Asmodeus…”


Just wanted to share my experience with my summoning of Asmoday / Asmodeus. Keep in mind that I am a chaos mage so my summoning methods are hardly traditional.

Summoned Asmoday again.

This time I felt him.

I know it worked.

Used black candle and blue candle.

Dressed in a black skirt and shirt. let my hair down. stuck a copy of his sigil eye level on top of the tv. had another copy on the floor at the altar.

Stood during the summoning process. sat when i gave him the task.

Anointed them with spearmint oil.

Lit 3 dragons blood incense sticks.

the smoke was absolutely crazy!

spent about 15 minutes calling him to come forth.

felt something touching my head.. lightly..

during the calling, my voice kept changing without me even consciously changing it.

Referred to him as “King of the Demons”. he seemed to like it.


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