The Not-So-Minor Aspects—the Results of Our Research

Mutual reception Quindecile? Double Yod Key involving both Plutos (her SCO 8th house) and a stellium on my ASC?

Sky Writer

©7-29-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW 

 For the past six weeks, the Skywriter community has been engaged in a research project into six of the so-called minor aspects like the semisquare, septile, and sesquiquadrate.   We’re generally given no more than a vague, abstract sentence or phrase of explanation about these chart features—the same unhelpful generalization repeated by author after author.

My hope was that by gathering real-life examples from readers, we’d gain a clearer understanding of how these aspects work in people’s lives.   I asked readers to look for them in their charts and to give examples of how they’re expressed, with specific details. The response has been remarkable.  Thanks, folks! You’re the best!

What conclusions can we draw from readers’ reports?There are some very interesting results.

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