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Pussy, Big Cock, and Cocaine: Sounds like MAXIMUM SEX-AND-ROCK-AND-ROLL! to me!


Superhuman Force: the Mars – Pluto Contact

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My Ist house SAG Mars squares VIR Pluto and Uranus at their 5deg midpoint.

Jeremy Neal's Chirotic Journal

The Mars Pluto contact is characterised by Ebertin as ‘Superhuman Force’. It is an entirely apt description, since one of the key understandings of Hadean energy is that, like the atomic power it rules, it creates an incredible reservoir of hidden power. Nuclear fusion is carried on in the deepest recesses of the power station, volcanic process occurs in the deepest subterranean realms and when either finds its way out, devastation and destruction inevitably results; this is a force that ought not see the light of day.

Harnessed properly and handled with respect and caution though nuclear energy can provide enormous benefits. Similarly, a volcanic eruption can induce a sense of wonder and local inhabitants can be moved to a position of safety beforehand, providing the seismologists have done their work. The key observation though is that Plutonic force needs very careful handling and should be handled respectfully, and nowhere…

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How to Think About Sex? A Freakonomics Quorum

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How to Think About Sex? A Freakonomics Quorum.

‘More Sex Please, We’re Economists’ interview with Steven Landsberg author of ‘More Sex Is Safer Sex’

I definitely favor transferring military funding and corporate bailouts towards this end };)!

The Transgender Tipping Point

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May 29 2014: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lovely Laverne Cox!


In the beaux-arts lobby of the nourse theater in San Francisco, men in deep V-necks and necklaces walk by women with crew cuts and plaid shirts buttoned to the top. Boys carrying pink backpacks kiss on the lips, while long-haired ladies whose sequined tank tops expose broad shoulders snap selfies. About 1,100 people, many gleefully defying gender stereotypes, eventually pack the auditorium to hear the story of an unlikely icon. “I stand before you this evening,” Laverne Cox, who stars in the Netflix drama Orange Is the New Black, tells the crowd, “a proud, African-American transgender woman.” The cheers are loud and long.

Almost one year after the Supreme Court ruled that Americans were free to marry the person they loved, no matter their sex, another civil rights movement is poised to challenge long-held cultural norms and beliefs. Transgender people–those who identify with a gender other than the sex they…

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