Polygamy, polyamory – why not?

We ALL know polyamory is the best!

Satanic Blog

Today I red an article in Weekend Magazin about polygamy (probably reprint from Kronen Zeitung). There was described a case in which 21 old man from Kosovo got married with his 25 year old Austrian girlfriend. It wouldn’t be anything unusual despite the fact he already had a wife in Kosovo. After some time and baby from second marriage health insurance agency found out about his first wife and he was charged of bigamy. Decision of the court he got suspended sentence of three months of jail (in the worst case he could be convicted of 3 years of imprisonment).
Now if his second wife was not informed and agreed with the presence of first one then it’s a case of fraud and the second bond should be invalidated. But what I find strange are penalties just from the fact of having two “legal” partners. Of course it’s nothing new…

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