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Size Matters, or Does It? | Psychology Today

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Size Matters, or Does It? | Psychology Today.

It really doesn’t…if you’re massively endowed. I am };)


Hyde Matters: Reproductive Justice and Women of Color

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The Freedom Pages

(Photo by Angela Hayden)

The Hyde Amendment was “designed to deprive poor and minority women of the constitutional right to choose abortion” – Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Yesterday I attended the “Separate and Unequal: The Hyde Amendment and Women of Color” panel at the Center for American Progress (CAP). I walked away feeling more knowledgeable and equipped to discuss the issue of reproductive service access with other women.  Whenever I walk into a space set-up to discuss issues impacting people of color in DC, I look for people of color. In this case I was looking for women of color. As soon as I walked in I saw a good friend and fellow woman of color who organizes for reproductive rights in the faith community. I also saw two Black women around my age (both actually work at CAP). I looked around some more and saw two or three more seasoned…

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How Music Can Be Better For You Than Sex and Chocolate: Deanna Choi at TEDxQueensU – YouTube

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Today is Feb. 21, 2015. I had 2 events that I could have attended, either of which might have eventually led to sex, and more likely drinking. Now, I really like sex…};)! But I ended up having a long, “full-voice” rehearsal (including   and   ) and ultimately staying in (one event cancelled, and we had rain in my area), mostly due to satiation (and exhaustion from the previous work week).

via How Music Can Be Better For You Than Sex and Chocolate: Deanna Choi at TEDxQueensU – YouTube.

Polygamy, polyamory – why not?

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We ALL know polyamory is the best!

Satanic Blog

Today I red an article in Weekend Magazin about polygamy (probably reprint from Kronen Zeitung). There was described a case in which 21 old man from Kosovo got married with his 25 year old Austrian girlfriend. It wouldn’t be anything unusual despite the fact he already had a wife in Kosovo. After some time and baby from second marriage health insurance agency found out about his first wife and he was charged of bigamy. Decision of the court he got suspended sentence of three months of jail (in the worst case he could be convicted of 3 years of imprisonment).
Now if his second wife was not informed and agreed with the presence of first one then it’s a case of fraud and the second bond should be invalidated. But what I find strange are penalties just from the fact of having two “legal” partners. Of course it’s nothing new…

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Jean criticises ‘knee-jerk’ call to criminalise sex work

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Jean Urquhart

Candles and messages commemorating dead sex workers: "Annette Nicholls, 29 years old, Murdered 2006, Ipswich, UK," "Fight violence, not sex workers."Jean has urged the Scottish Government to resist religious calls to criminalise the purchase of sex. 36 religious leaders signed a letter to the First Minister demanding Scotland adopt the ‘Swedish model’ of making buying sex a criminal offence, but sex workers say such a move would put them in more danger while doing nothing to help eradicate trafficking.

The most up-to-date study on the law in Sweden, released this week, concludes that there is no evidence that it has reduced demand, and that it has only made sex workers more isolated, vulnerable and afraid.

Jean said:

“Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes there is, and eradicating it will take a serious response, drawing on the best evidence. This effort to piggyback a knee-jerk, moralising reaction onto vital human trafficking legislation is deeply unhelpful.

“The ‘Swedish model’ that the churches call for in their letter cannot…

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Jean criticises ‘knee-jerk’ call to criminalise sex work

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Jean criticises ‘knee-jerk’ call to criminalise sex work.

The Starbucks Effect

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Yes, @Boozy Barista:”Peacocking” (as that “Alpha” wannabe PUA term) is what led me to this article. This effect is why “Alpha”-wannabe bloggers write incessantly and summarily (and it’s always affiliate marketing somewhere along the chain) about how great (non-existent) “Alphas” are.

Center for Advanced Hindsight


The Effect
When we order a fancy drink at Starbucks (or some fancier coffee house) with funny language, we believe we are sophisticated connoisseurs. But when others do the exact same thing, we just see them as annoying poseurs.

The Problem
But we don’t just believe we are hot stuff when we order at Starbucks, we also believe that other people will think we are hot stuff. This “self-serving” bias can be dangerous.

Across domains, people believe their dates will be won over by their charm, entrepreneurs believe investors will be won over by their ideas, and “connoisseurs” believe everyone will be won over by their “sophistication.”

It’s one thing to believe you are great, but it’s another thing to project your grand self-perceptions on the others’ perceptions of you. This is when biases can start to multiply and problems can go so awry. While this may not lead to tragic…

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