The Astrology of Ayn Rand

Ohio Astrology

My observation is that people’s beliefs mirror accurately their personalities. Even those sharing the same belief system will have slight or major interpretative differences based on their personality or cultural differences. I believe angry beliefs come from angry people and loving beliefs come from loving people.

By asserting our beliefs, then, we are merely asserting ourselves. But what else can we do, really?

Astrology, to me, accurately reflects one’s personality and by extension beliefs. Often people ask if I “believe” astrology, as though astrology were a religion. Astrology, to my observation, is a symbolic representation of an individual’s personality. It is not something to “believe.” It’s simply a description. It doesn’t answer “Why?”

Astrology, for me, aids in life in two ways. It creates an acceptance that others view the world differently and it reinforces that we all share the same energies, just in different focus and portion. We all…

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