5 Reasons Why Loving Music Is Better Than Dating

My music collection is me and I am my music collection. In it, I am always safe. And if and when someone does want to get to know me they need look no further than my music collection. It’s where I keep my heart

Thought Catalog

For much of my life, I’ve been chronically single. While friends’ relationships blossom and implode around me, I stay the same. I have the occasional romantic blip here and there, but for the most part I’ve missed out on the trials and triumphs of having a “love life.”

About 5% of the time I actively fret about it. I shoot my best friend a sad text or I lie in my bed lamenting its emptiness and wondering about what I’m doing wrong, but more often than not I’m fine. I’m happy and I’m making great strides in every other area of my life. Recently, I got to thinking about why that is and I’ve come to the conclusion that my profound love of music fulfills my emotional needs in so many ways that I have no need to dwell on relationships (or the lack thereof.)  Here’s what music can do…

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