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Why boyfriends?

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I wish women would stop having boyfriends. Or worse, husbands.



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I ‘LIKE’ you!

Can I ‘POKE’ you?

The Astrology of Large Penises

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Double Skorpion here! SAG Mars conj late SCO Sun (Ist); ruler 8th Mercury conj ASC in Stellium with Neptune and Venus. Mars sextile Jupiter swelling in kinky AQU (3rd house…yes, Flickr and Fetlife); Vertex in 8th house. OOOOOH, PAA-PI, eeeez BEEG!

Astrology Anonymous

Astrology can give us tremendous insight into a variety of things about a man. What he finds beautiful, how he expresses his emotions, how he dresses, etc.. But can astrology determine whether your crush or boyfriend is packing heat? I say “yes”!

By observing the natal charts of ​famous, “well-hung” men, I identified key astrological factors that relate to the size of a man’s “member”.


There were a few planets and houses I knew I’d have to look out for:​

  • Mars: Represents the penis
  • The 8th house: represents the genitals; the ruler of this house would also relate to the genitals.
  • Pluto: the natural ruler of the 8th house, which also rules the genitals.


One of the most common natal chart factors I found in the charts of “well-hung” men was a strong Mars-Jupiter connection.  In astrology, Mars represents the penis, while Jupiter represents “expansion” and “abundance”. You get the drift. Liam…

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There is a PHISHING scam on Yahoo Mail! The sender is, and it reads as follows: Today at 10:52 AM
Dear User,

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(The link page has a Yahoo copyright of 2011)

Trans musician Laura Jane Grace collaborates with Joan Jett

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laurajanegracejoanjett2THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Against Me singer and trans woman Laura Jane Grace collaborated with Joan Jett for a song on Jett’s latest CD, “Unvarnished”, which came out this week.

The song, “Soulmates to Strangers,” according to Jett in an interview in Rolling Stone, was an idea pitched by Grace to her following a conversation they had after doing a concert together last year. Jett’s band did gigs in the past with Against Me and she had always wanted to write with Grace.

Jett on Laura Jane Grace’s transition: I think it’s an extremely brave thing to do. It’s not easy to put yourself out there like that, but I’m sure she feels that she has no choice, the way she wants to live her life and the way she feels. I’m a friend no matter what.

Laura Jane Grace on Joan Jett:

Laura Jane Grace comes…

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“Be regular and…

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“Be regular and orderly in your everyday life, like a bourgeois, so you can be violent and original in your work.”
— Gustave Flaubert

Philosophy Is Not a Science –

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Philosophy Is Not a Science –

Therefore I’m a “psychoacoustician”.

Where ‘da hell’s my money?!

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