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My Loyal Mistress

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Ironically that slut Rock-n-Roll is my most loyal mistress.


Submitted for your approval…

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How is it that masturbation isn’t considered “sex”, yet constant, “obsessive” masturbation (or an orgy with someone I love) is called “sexual addiction”?

Ten Reasons Why Being In A Relationship Sucks

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Thought Catalog

  1. You have to be super sensitive to someone else’s needs all the time. “Babe, are you ok? Babe, I feel really distant from you right now. What’s going on?!” You’re slightly paranoid all of the time. Their highs are your highs. Their lows are your lows. It can just get…super exhausting.
  2. Someone has power over you. They have the ability to make you sublimely happy and they can also make you feel super depressed. You lose slight control over your moods. When you enter a relationship, it’s as if you sign a contract that says, “I give you 70% of my feelings. I acknowledge that you can play with them, make them feel good, and I also acknowledge that you can fucking destroy them.”
  3. You worry you might lose yourself in the relationship. You could simply become a +1 and just start to have no other identity than “I’m someone’s…

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I can’t

Read it

Fuck it

Eat it, or

Pluck it.

Therefore it is unimportant.

“Got to el-ee-vate from the norm” (Rush)

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ABOVE AVERAGE is the best answer to “on average”.

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