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Saturn was time ruler of 1971 and 1983…BIG ones!

Buddha Laugh

By Demetra George author of  Asteroid Goddesses, Astrology for Your Self and Mysteries of the Dark Moon and Finding Our Way through the Dark (reprinted from a recent email)

Turning our thoughts to the recent ingress of Saturn into Scorpio, I’d like to share some insights from both a modern and ancient perspective and discuss why at certain times the same transit can be more powerful than at other times.

On October 5th Saturn entered into Scorpio and will remain there until December 2014. Many astrologers are anxiously examining their charts to determine which planets and houses will be activated by Saturn’s “no more free lunches” dictum. From a modern interpretive approach, Saturn as the voice of pragmatism, accompanied by hard work and self-discipline, challenges us to face the reality of a situation even if it is dour. We are asked to step up to the plate, take…

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