Well the last thing a fish understands is water. I could never get this. For 30 years. Well…too bad, bitches! I’m not wuss enough to be less sexy to accommodate you.

Disco Valante Clothing

Historically, the beach is a place where sexuality has been expressed. It is a natural reaction to wearing next to nothing. Disco Valante has noticed a very telling trend on this thread. American women hate the overt sexuality of men in Speedos. But why? Are American women threated by a man’s sexual presence? Are they envious?

In America, women are the beacons of beauty and sexuality. Meanwhile, men are quickly branded as gay or weak if they appear too beautiful.

Quick Story to illustrate this point:
All military pilots have call signs, like “Maverick” in TOP GUN. My Naval Academy classmate Christian, who is a Navy pilot, is probably one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. His call sign is BROKE BACK. I asked the other pilots, “Why is Christian’s call sign BROKE BACK?”. Their reply was, “A man that good looking has to be gay.”.

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