Bisexual Butch

Bisexual Butch.

The Inquiry

August 23, 2009

For a long time, it has seemed like a problem in the lesbian community for dykes to also be attracted to men.  How is a bisexual butch different from a bisexual femme?  If you like butches and femmes does that make you bisexual?  Bisexuality can lead to an examination of polyamory, the practice of loving more than one person.  As soon as we start being intimate with more than one person, we notice different parts of ourselves come forward.  Is it okay to be butch with one lover and femme with another? And what do we mean by sexual?  Is it just the stuff that makes us “hot”?  Or does it include an open heart, a soft touch, crying, laughing, sharing and being willing to be close?  When love is present how does that impact the importance of body parts?


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