Celeste Pille’s Tumblr

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Just bought The American Renaissance Tarot July 28 2022.

Seen It, Heard It


Celeste Pille’s Tumblr

Oh my god, it’s a blog about a blog! I’ve gone totally meta! Anyway, I just wanted to share with the interweb this wonderful site by artist Celeste Pille. She creates amazing drawings in general, but my favourites are her interpretations of how some of my favourite ’90s cartoon characters might look, all grown up, including Rugrats, Pepper Ann, Recess, and Hey Arnold. Enjoy!

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Augmented 7th and Dominant 5th

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♂,♅, and TR☊ are conjunct my natal DSC, Moon, and Ceres in my 7th. Ruling ♆, ♃, and Chiron are in my 5th. So I need to get pregnant and force someone rich to marry me.

A Song Is No Song; Love Isn’t Love

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I don’t love opera because of the technique. I love it because I’m an operatic character.

[Blog title courtesy of Rodgers and Hammerstein]

Your Choice

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If I was the person you want me to be, I couldn’t be the person you love.

[Philosophy] Can’t find the brakes on the Runaway Tran….

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At some point I’m going to stop apologising at the start of these blogs; I’ve been busy work wise and also had some very interesting ups and downs when it comes to dear Sarah, hence my lack of posts. Also, it’s starting to come into summer over here and so I’ve been kicking the tyres on the bike (translation, doing too many miles and wondering why various bits of my body, already sore and on the edge of breaking are, well, breaking).

Anyway, it’s been another interesting couple of weeks in the on-going battle internally between her, fuelled by a roller-coaster of hormones (yes, I’m still tinkering), and him, who has been feeling alternately wretched and full of the joys of Spring; maybe there is something to this bi-polar stuff, or rather tri-polar as she has a completely different set of emotions, worries, loves and drives than him.

Yeah, it’s…

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I hate heartbreak, but–like Amy Winehouse–it does enhance my brand.

American Pluto Return

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Conjunct/transit my natal Saturn 3rd house and now sextile my natal Skorpion Sun:

“In the last few decades, so many areas of culture have moved forward that defenders of the status quo are becoming exhausted trying to defend what was. And they sometimes express that exhaustion through anger, division and vitriol.”

-Seth Godin

Some Moments Of Pleasure [Kate Bush]

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21:51 EST. Midtown Station. A pretty lady I’ve never seen before was getting off the train, and SHE SMILED AT *ME* (there wasn’t anyone else near me)


Everything you ever wanted to know about Littles. Or at least a lot of it.

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The Neurotic Erotic

DDLG (Daddy Dom/babygirl) seems to have exploded in  recent media and culture like a giant pinata filled with pacifiers, footy pajamas, Tumblr memes and millennial girls all atwitter with the possibility of being choked and loved on by their very own Daddy Dom. I won’t go too heavily into DDLG here but a great source for information can be found here. In laymen’s terms, a Daddy Dom is a dominant who represents more  of a parental  or teacher/guiding figure than a typical dominant. They tend to be softer and focus more  on  guidance and nurturing than some other, more strict or totalitarian roles. Daddy Dom is  blanket Term.  A dominant can  be of any gender identity or expression  and some other terms we hear are ; Mommy, Big, and Caregiver.

With any new form of kink or lifestyle expression there is going to be a sharing of new  ideas.And with…

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To My Great Advantage

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I’m realizing that no-one I’ve ever loved has ever chosen anyone I could respect over me.

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