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The Struggles of Dating/Marrying a White Guy – Racquel Writes! – https://racquelwrites.com/2018/08/25/the-struggles-of-dating-marrying-a-white-guy/comment-page-1/#comment-1705
Well the baby thing is of course accurate. It’s now scientifically proven that all biracial children are gorgeous and grow up to be Princesses, Presidents, Poet Laureates, and award-winning actors. The only issue of National Geographic that I’ve ever seen sell out in 12 years of bookselling was the London Biggs sisters last year.
I’m certainly doing MY part for the future of humanity ;)!


5 Reasons Why Online Dating Works

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AFF actually was my first “app” 14 years ago when I was 3rd-spacing desktops in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It actually got me a hookup with a crossdresser from WeHo, CA. Technically I’m still on AFF, but their paywalls are crazy compared to Fetlife, Grindr, Blendr, or Tinder.

Racquel Writes!

As I settled in on my couch for a night of binge watching “Dexter” on Showtime on Demand I realized this had become a regular Saturday night routine. When I left my first husband, I had a fantasy that I would be re-married within a year, 2 years tops, after all I was “a catch”, the ultimate woman. I was sexy, personable, good-looking, career driven with a successful law practice and I had my own money. Well, fast forward 6 years and I was still single, going through another very long period of celibacy, not by choice might I add.

It was the end of the first decade of the of the new millennium and online dating was all the rage. Everybody and their Mamas were on Match.com or e Harmony; but I still thought how pathetic do you have to be if you can’t meet and connect with someone…

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Gottta be my agent/tour manager!


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Always the right time!

It’s About Time!

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“…widespread and vigorous miscegenation”

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“White Shift”: Eric the Merchant is selling soft euthanasia packages for the white race

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“…widespread and vigorous miscegenation”. MY top game, as you well know.

Diversity Macht Frei


In his new book White Shift, Eric Kaufmann (Kaufmann literally means “merchant” in German) is trying to sell white folks on the idea that racial extinction isn’t really that bad. It doesn’t hurt a bit!

Kaufmann has personal genetic investment in, and experience of, diversity.

He identifies as white — with, as for almost all of us, complications. His mother is half Chinese and half Costa Rican. His father is Canadian, the son of a secular Czech Jew. (“There’s been no religion for about four generations.”) He was born in Hong Kong, later moving to Japan and then Vancouver. He moved to the UK in 1993. He lives in Wimbledon, an affluent, predominantly white suburb of southwest London, with his wife, an economist, and their two teenage children.


His book has the virtue of a certain brutal honesty. In a BBC interview, he said this:

“The whites are going…

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