“With Those Wicked, Wild-Eyed Women…” [ELP]

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The Brothel Creeper: Sebastian Horsley



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I’m moving to Europe to spend all of my time left in studios, theatres, clubs, and whorehouses.

Gay is square and trannies are hip -Rod Fleming’s World

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Source: Gay is square and trannies are hip -Rod Fleming’s World



Oh, my T-V’s!

[apologies to everybody’s favorite trans-friend, David Bowie]

‘Goths At The Great Gates

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The Barbarian you know,
Or The Barbarian you don’t know.
Choose one. Choose well.

RAHU: Destroyer of Now, Creator of Tomorrow

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Heavy on the *MAXIMUM*

Vic DiCara's Astrology



Radical Liberalism




The Future

The Sky and Outer Space

These are the realms of the mysterious planet Rahu.

~ * ~ * ~

We have discussed all the visible planets. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – all have evolved and we have explored the role of each. There are two more “planets” remaining to understand. They did not evolve – for they are the very power of evolution itself.

They are invisible points in the sky which cause the Sun and Moon to blackout. They cause eclipses. An eclipse is a visible demonstration of their  absolute power to completely reverse things create the chaos of change, transformation, and evolution.

Their names are Rahu and Ketu. They are a separated pair – two sides of the same entity.

First, to understand Rahu…


Rahu is the power of transformation…

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“There Once Was A Note” -Peter Townsend

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It was 30 years ago December 16, 1987 (Dec. 16 is Ludwig van Beethoven’s birthday, btw) that I met cellist Jennifer Lucht at a ‘Messiah’ gig in Scotland Neck, NC. She put a funnel on my hot plasma and set me on my starship trail. Thank You forever, Jennifer!

November Photoshooting

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You are so beautiful, Mycha!

Mycha Goldmann

#transisbeautyful #thisiswhattranslookslike

Hello everybody, I thought I’d love to share some pictures with you from a recent photo shooting to say thank you to all of you, who supported me over the last couple of months, some even longer since I started my journey and who were always there for me. I feel so emotional when I think of you. There’s too many to mention all of you, anyway I love to mention Ingelise, Michelle, Gary, Jan, Anna, Veronika, Laura Angelica, Wesley, Luciana, Rachel, Easy, my family, the salon crew, Gregor, Katja, RA T., Thomas, Olaf, Aleks, Sven, Daniela, Adriana, Michael, Simone, Carsten, Mihai, Martin, Gerald, Gerlinde, Udo, Marc, Tanja, Michael, Dr S. and his staff, Dr D., Sbyczek, Mr and Mrs Z., Jolanda, Elli, Sasha, Moni, Raziel, Alexis, James, Bernadette, Gwendolyn, Vallin, Thierry, Michelle, Graeme, Hanjo, Andre, Zoran, Chris, Regina, Julia, Tudor, Dragan, Monika, Shauna-Marie, Andrea, Volker, Thorsten, Eleanor…

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